Shoesocks 3D - Sandonini
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Shoesocks 3D®

All machines are available subject to prior sale for all machines in the list above we provide the cylinder in any number of needles you want. We’re still at your service for follow and satisfy any your request for hosiery machinery , finishing machinery , spare parts. Visit our web site you will find many information , photos, videos , on the machines you want.

Machines for seamless garments in the following models :

Performance Benefits Product

3Dimensional Fabric Upper

Seamless Shoes

In Every Style

In Every Color

In Every Form

In Every Knit Stitch

For Each Type of Foot

For Each Type of Shoes

Shoes Tailor - Made For You

Performance Benefits Wellness

ShoeSocks3D ACTIVE foot

ShoeSocks3D COMFORTABLE foot

Soft Shoes3D SOFT foot

ShoeSocks3D SHAPE foot

ShoeSocks3D MASSAGE foot

ShoeSocks3D CARE foot

ShoeSocks3D MODEL foot

Tecnichal Knit Performance

ShoeSocks3D in Double Rib Welt

ShoeSocks3D in Single Socks

ShoeSocks3D in Double Socks

ShoeSocks3D in Knit RIB

ShoeSocks3D in Transfer

ShoeSocks3D in Mesh – Net

ShoeSocks3D in Jacquard 3D

ShoeSocks3D in Intarsia

ShoeSocks3D in Terry

ShoeSocks3D in Links

ShoeSocks3D in Single Rib Welt

Yarns Performance











Hot Melts Yarns


No Smell


Machines Single Cylinder

Diam. 3.1/2 - 3.3/4 - 4 -

Needles from 84 to 156

Machines Dial & Cylinder Rib

Needles from 84 to 156

Diam. 3.1/2 - 4 - 4.1/2 -

Machines in Double Cylinder

Needles from 84 to 156

Diam. 3.1/2 - 3.3/4 - 4 - 4.1/2 -

Perfomance Advantages Economic

More Profit

Uppers ShoeSocks3D in 2 Min.

Ready to Glue or Inject the Sole

Drastic Cut Production Process

Less Space

Less Energy

Less Waste

Less Manpower

More Quality

More Speed